ADE Construction Consultants Inc.

ADE Construction Consultants, Inc. was established as a sole proprietorship in December of 1996, and was incorporated on January 1, 1998.  In a short time, we have established a strong base of satisfied clients that includes architects, owners, developers, and contractors.  Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Construction Cost Management
  • Plan Reviews
  • Value Engineering
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Claims Analysis

We specialize in providing accurate cost projections to the Architect and Design Team.  Our goal is to maintain a margin within 4% of the lowest acceptable bid on each project.  This goal is achieved through using a multi-disciplined staff with specialists in areas such as sitework, structures, mechanical, and electrical components.  Specific project factors to carefully review include site conditions, budgets, and building system choices.  To achieve this goal, we constantly monitor critical factors affecting costs such as current labor market conditions, material costs, material choices, and escalation.  Our extended staff has over one hundred seventy-five years combined experience in the industry with projects ranging in costs from several hundred thousand dollars to one hundred fifty million dollars.

We have established a philosophy for success that begins with the understanding that cost management is imperative and must begin in the design stages.  As a contributing member of the Design Team, our staff provides thorough cost estimates and design reviews at various levels for design of each project.  These may include Program, Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Document levels.  We objectively convey to our clients that accurate and complete scope bids can only be achieved through plans and specifications that are correct, as well as coordinated between disciplines, and easily understood.

We participate in a role, with the Design Team, that becomes one of keeping communications open and ongoing, for the entire team, from the initial kick-off meeting through the receiving of final bids.  Our reporting system strengthens this role through the conveying of our understanding of the project and project systems.  At each design level, issues will be highlighted that may affect the budget.  As the project progresses through the design stages, our reports include a comparison to the previous level.  This allows our staff to convey precisely how and why a project has changed.